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I was born in NY (the oldest of 4 kids), grew up in Yonkers, went to LeMoyne College in upstate NY, sold pots and pans and skis and tennis rackets before moving to Hawaii and earning a MBA at the University of Hawaii in a cooperative program with the Japan American Institute of Management Science (JAIMS).  I moved to Japan in 1995 and joined a Japanese recruiting firm. In 1999 I moved to an internet venture focused on net-based recruiting. Then in 2002 I launched my own headhunting firm.  My life as a parent began in 2001 with the birth of my son and those parental responsibilities expanded in 2008 after my daughter was born.  I am a Certified Personnel Consultant, a Board Member for the non-profit Tokyo English Lifeline and also an Adjunct Professor at Temple University teaching the Professional Development Strategies course for undergraduates to help them prepare for their careers.

For a brief introduction of the thinking behind The Headhunter Dad blog, read the first post: http://www.headhunterdad.com/2010/12/after-you-teach-them-how-to-fish-you.html

You can find me on Linkedin and Facebook and Twitter and out and about in Tokyo.
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