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Use your words!

We all use words. Just that some people use them better than others. In my university class, I talk with the students every semester about the importance of first impressions and how the content (words you use) is not nearly as important as how you are dressed, how you move, how you act, how you sound. This infographic is the one I refer to when we discuss the biases that they will face when interviewing. A few of the uncomfortable truths from the study are: First impressions are formed within 7 to 17 seconds of meeting someone. Hiring managers claim to know whether they will hire someone or not within the first 90 seconds of meeting them. The words you say account for only 7% of what creates a first impression. 67% of hiring managers said they have rejected candidates for a lack of eye contact. While this is important to understand so that my students and our kids, as job seekers, know what they are facing and may take steps to prepare, it has the secondary effect of making it seem t

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