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Write a blog article about how a father helped his son find an internship in the entertainment industry...

With all the buzz in the market I could not help wondering if ChatGTP would be able to help me become a more prolific writer. I had a draft of an article I wanted to write about the search my son and I went through for his internship but had been putting it off. I finally got around to it today and entered the title you see above as the prompt. The output came up with John and Michael as father and son. I have changed that to "I" and "him" to make it more authentic. All other edits by me and comments are shown in [brackets]. While I knew that ChatGTP could write well, the similarity between the real story and what this AI bot came up with is downright terrifying! The Internship Search The entertainment industry can be a challenging field to break into, especially for those who are just starting out. However, with the right guidance and support, it is possible to land an internship that can lead to a successful career. This is the story of how I helped my son find an

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